Youth leader to focus on finding and nurturing seekers, youth & young people.

Giving Bible studies, and ESPECIALLY building the youth base: this is the main part of the position.

Tech Savvy
Given to hospitality & passionate about service as the church is centred around growth & local mission work.
Track record of door knocking, soul winning and leading people to become members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
is friendly and a team player, working closely with pastor.
is willing to participate in and help run evangelistic and community events
is willing to participate in Sabbath services, e.g. teaching Sabbath School etc.
is open to help with visitations, especially connected to monthly evangelistic programs/campaigns.
HELP with teaching SRE (Scripture) in a public school Gr. 2-6.
Experience working with children and youth (e.g., teaching, day-care, Sabbath school, etc.)

Gender Preference: Any
Age Preference: 18 +
Marital Status: Any
Experience Required: None
Language Preference: English
Minimum Education Preferred:
Accommodation: Supplied
Expenses Covered:
    Living Expenses
Additional terms/benefits or comments:

up to $150 per week in receipts are covered, accommodations supplied.

Supervisor Name: Pr. Michael M. LilikakisPosition: Pastor
Requesting Authority Name: NNSW Conference
Authorised By: NNSW Conference