Start Date: February 6, 2018
End Date: December 14, 2018


We are looking for someone who:

has had previous success in soul winning and leading people to become members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
is comfortable with door-knocking and finding people to study the Bible with on their own
is a passionate Seventh-day Adventist, supportive of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs
is friendly and a team player
responds well to leadership
is willing to participate in and help run evangelistic and community events
is open to help with visitations, especially connected to evangelistic campaigns
intends to see many people led to baptism
is prepared to equip lay people for evangelistic activity
is prepared to work in an Adventist environment that is a mix of contemporary and traditional Adventist culture
Visitations and Giving Bible studies is the main part of the position.

We want you to find people who are willing to learn from the Bible, and share the good news with them.

Overall goal: In the process of 1-2 years, 5-10 more people are baptized.

Short-term responsibilities may include:

Preparation for public evangelism seminars
Assistance during public evangelism seminars
Assistance with the follow-up of the public evangelism seminars
Door-knocking and letter-boxing
Ongoing responsibilities may include:

Community service projects – Foodbank/Breakfast Club
Helping with Sabbath School & Friday Night Mission Bible Classes
Assistance with Bible studies & teaching Scripture to Grade 2-6 students @ local Public School
We are looking for people with:

a teachable spirit and a positive, Christ-like attitude
the ability to adapt to changing situations
the ability to work with a team
a willingness to talk about spiritual things with visitors who come to the community centre/Foodbank
a willingness to complete tasks as needed for building up the church
Preferred qualities (one or more of the following):

Experience working with children (e.g., teaching, day-care, Sabbath school, etc.)
Experience with Bible-working

Car and driver’s license
Working with Children’s Check
Police Check

Gender Preference: Male
Age Preference: 30 +
Marital Status: Married
Experience Required: None
Language Preference: English
Minimum Education Preferred:
    Bachelor Degree
Accommodation: Not Supplied
Expenses Covered:
Additional terms/benefits or comments:

Church will provide necessary assistance

Supervisor Name: Michael M. LilikakisPosition: Pastor
Requesting Authority Name: Michael M. Lilikakis
Authorised By: West Wallsend SDA